I am Pablo Sergio Serrato

I do cybersecurity, product management , web development and user experience design at the intersection of technology, analytics, consumer insights and the internet.

I blog at data.informedeconomy.com I tweet at ProductPlusData.

What I Do

I've worked at Civis Analytics, Cigna, Brighter, Ipsos, MarketShare and OTX.

I have experience in product management, user experience research, and software engineering. I’ve worked in the entertainment, marketing analytics, consumer research, and healthcare industries.

My most recent experience has been the head of product for surveys at Civis Analytics, where I spend a lot of time analyzing product usage in SQL and talking with data scientists about machine learning in persuasion modeling while thinking about users, and customers.

I like bold ideas and well informed bets. I’m interested in gaining more experience the vast area of cybersecurity and presently working toward certifications in that area.


Who I Am

I like cryptocurrency.

I like to organize meet ups about culture, history, economics, and technology.

I've been a volunteer with the Techqueria, Bastiat Society, Liberty on the Rocks, Hack for L.A. and Restore the Fourth

I'm interested in analytics, music, urban life, and seeing the world. I care about peace, civil liberties, transparency, and healthier living through the quantified self.


Portfolio: Apps for the Informed Economy

I am a full stack product manager.

This portfolio highlights a projects I did as a Cybersecurity student at the University of Oregon, freelance web development projects ,and General Assembly projects.

Lets connect

Add me on LinkedIn - message me there.